Become An Inmate



  • Become An Inmate
  • Become An Inmate
  • Become An Inmate
  • Become An Inmate


AREA39 commission rates are as follows: 
20% on all work booked via AREA39.



Please read the rules carefully and decide whether you would like to become an elite inmate and part of the AREA39 secure government wing


  • We do not ask our inmates to work on a deal basis and all our rates are FAA regulated.

    So . . . . . . .

  • Are you able to arrive on time?

  • Can you be available to work very very very early in the morning and be prepared to work long days?

  • Do you have a 100% Professional Attitude?

  • Can you follow instructions and find your own way around central london,? In fact any location given?

  • Are you a team player?

  • Do you have a positive attitude?

  • Can you keep yourself motivated whilst waiting around for hours?

  • Are you friendly and can you adapt to any task you may be asked to do on set?

  • Are you available at short notice?


  • AREA39 demand punctuality and professionalism from inmates at all times.

  • AREA39 only work with professional Artistes who are experienced, helpful and work to the highest possible standard.

  • At AREA39 you only get one chance. Bad behaviour and breaking of rules at anytime is unacceptable and you will be removed from AREA39 immediately.

  • AREA39 only work with the best of the best and bad behaviour will effect every inmate and our reputation.

  • The AREA39 mission is to become one of the most reputable agencies in the business, booking the biggest and best jobs and this can only happen by adhering to our rules.